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GO foods contain the lowest amount of fat.  Children are taught that GO foods should be eaten more often than SLOW or WHOA foods.



SLOW foods are higher in fat than GO foods and lower in fat that WHOA foods.  Children are taught that SLOW foods should be eaten less often than GO foods and more often that WHOA foods.



WHOA foods are the highest in fat of the three groups.  Children are taught that WHOA foods should be eaten less often that GO or SLOW foods.  In addition, any of the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) such as soda, gum and candy are considered WHOA foods although they do not contain any fat.



Sample bread group foods classified into GO, SLOW and WHOA:


GO bread – slice of regular bread

SLOW bread – biscuit

WHOA  bread - doughnut

CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach TChild Health.

Be a CATCH MVP Family!

“CATCH” stands for “Coordinated Approach To Child Health.” CATCH schools are committed to healthy students in a healthy school. We invite you to help us teach positive health choices and be a CATCH MVP! A CATCH MVP is someone who Moves and stays active, Values healthy eating, and Practices healthy habits every day.

Be a CATCH MVP Family:

  • Move and stay active: Try to be more active as a family- park the car farther away in parking lots to walk a bit more, stretch while watching TV, walk as a family after meals.

  • Value healthy eating: Try to make healthy choices- include a fruit or vegetable with every meal, eat more family meals together, and don’t supersize unless you are sharing.

  • Practice healthy habits: Be a positive role model- drink more water and less soda, start your day with a healthy breakfast, and eat a piece of fruit for a snack.

CATCH your students at their best! Research shows that children that are well nourished and physically active perform better in school!


CHECK OUT THE GO, SLOW, WHOA foods list below!

Click on attachment below for more information on Go, Slow, Whoa foods and the CATCH Characters (Flash Fitness, Dynamite Diet and Hearty Heart)